Geometric Design and Computing

release: 2017/02/15 12:27

CSIAM Activity Group on Geometric Design and Computing (GDC) is a national academic organization, affiliated with China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (CSIAM), which has been approved by Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Civil Affairs. This activity group consists of unit (as an organization, department, division, section, etc.) and people working on the teaching, research, development and application, production and operation of geometric design and computing. The goal of this activity group is (1) to promote the development of research and application of domestic computer-aided geometric design, (2) to promote the collaboration among researchers, engineering technicians and enterprise managers, (3) to solve some critical problems faced by economic development and technical progress, and (4) to promote the application and popularization of geometric design theories. This activity group is affiliated to the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University.


Falai Chen

University of Science and Technology of China (


Jieqing Feng

Zhejiang University

Xuli Han

Central South University (

Changhe Tu

Shandong University

Guoping Wang

Peking University


Ligang Liu

University of Science and Technology of China (

Yongjin Liu

Tsinghua University (

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