Graph Theory and Combinatorics with Applications

release: 2017/02/15 12:27

CSIAM Activity Group on Graph Theory and Combinatorics with Applications is a non-profit academic group, established voluntarily by scholars of Graph Theory and Combinatorics and related fields. Its main purpose is to improve the level of China's Graph Theory and Combinatorics, making contribution to the development of related fields and subjects. Specific activities include:

1. Organizing academic activities. For instance, the group holds summer school, lectures, seminars related to Graph Theory and Combinatorics, as well as some high-level academic meetings. The group also edits collected papers and carefully selects outstanding results and scholars for China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (CSIAM).

2. Conducting the development and promotion of applications that use the knowledge of Graph Theory and Combinatorics. It also cooperates with companies to solve real world problems.

3. Organizing communications, inquiries, and promotion of Graph Theory and Combinatorics.

Suixiang Gao
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (

Yizheng Fan
Anhui University

Liying Kang
Shanghai University

Jianping Li
Yunnan University

Yi Wang
Dalian University of Technology

Jianliang Wu
Shandong University

Shenggui Zhang
Northwestern Polytechnical University

Zhizheng Zhang
Luoyang Normal University

Haixing Zhao
Qinghai Normal University

Secretary-General: Mei Lu, Tsinghua University (

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