CSIAM Student Branch Inauguration Ceremony And Academic Forum

release: 2018/06/26 10:08

In June 2, 2018, The Student branch of Chinese Society of Industry and Applied Mathematics was officially activated in Peking University. The president of CSIAM Pingwen Zhang, Executive Deputy Secretary-General Zhongyi Huang, and Vice Secretary-General Lei Zhang. Many scholars and students from Peking University, Tsinghua University and Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science(CAS) attended this meeting. The meet was chaired by the Xin Liu from the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science.

During the meeting, Pingwen Zhang introduced the background and original intention of setting up student branch of CSIAM. CSIAM has seen the importance of student as the engine of technology development. To encourage student being active to take part in academic activities, to build up better communication channels and to provide support for their academic improvement, the council of CSIAM decided to set up student branch this May. In order to further improve activities at student branch, CSIAM student branch expects to set up activity groups in universities and institutions. Pingwen Zhang also inspired students to make full use of this platform to strength communication and connection with their academic project.

Then, CSIAM student branch held the inauguration ceremony. Pingwen Zhang authorized Peking University, Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Science as student branch himself, while Ruo Li from Peking University, Hao Wu from Tsinghua University and Xin Liu from Chinese Academy of Science being mentors of the activity groups. After that, the Vice-President of Mathematical Sciences Peking University Professor Ruo Li welcomed everyone to participate in this activity and wished graduate students to make full use of this platform.

After the ceremony, CSIAM student branch started the first academic forum and unanimously praised by both students and teaching professionals.

(By CSIAM Office)

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